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It's Such A Cold December


Farewell Nobyembre, welcome Disyembre!

It's the 30th of November today and tomorrow will be the 1st of December.
How quickly time passes by.
To me, it seems like it was just the first day of school yesterday but it's almost finished. Just a quarter and a half to go and I'm off to celebrate summer! Wow.

I just had the most effective and successful recollection yet last November 28-29. It was meaningful and touching. The speakers, the facilitatior, the brothers and the priest were all very efficient and 'into it' and were really able to bring "the message" across. I'm very thankful to them and I couldn't help but express my gratitude only through prayer since I find hugging them a little bit awkward...too close for comfort, you could say.
OH. The food was superb! I enjoyed them all. Actually, when I arrived at home, I was quite displeased with the viand. HAHAHA. Forgive me for that. :)

My current lullaby? You Are The Moon by The Hush Sound
The piano is just so melodious.

Speaking of pianos and melodies, I watch Twilight yesterday (29th) after our recollection. -Of course, I arrived home first, slept for a few hours, ate lunch, washed the dishes then got ready. We arrived at Eastwood at around 3 o'clock pm to find very long lines awaiting us -like people lining up to buy lotto tickets. We (my sister and I) reserved 2 seats for the 6pm show since the earlier shows were full. We got pretty good seats which were, as we would like to believe, meant for us. Hahaha!

I like the feeling of knowing that Christmas is near. The holiday spirit is just in the air..
continuing what I was saying, Christmas songs are being played in boutiques and the like and it's just lovely. :)

Anyway, today is do homeworks day -though I have tomorrow too, I want to finish everything now so tomorrow will be mine! *evil laugh*

OH GOSH. I can't answer a single thing in our paper. :| WHAT TO DO?? :o
It frustrates me. I don't want to submit a mediocre work. It seems like I'm slacking off this 3rd quarter and I can't be that way. AAAH.


Should I Post? Yes, Maybe, No?


Hello readers! -if there are any. :)

Anyway! I've got story to tell. Major. :) Hmm...during History period of today, our class adviser called me and classmate to come to her as well as 3 more people from another section to find out that we are chosen to join this Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar this 2009! It's so awesome. Only the Top 5 of the batch from different school are chosen and it is such an honor. I'm am so proud -but not to a point of showing-off. I just really want to share this good news to all of those who would be reading this. Lol.

OH! I am 'annoyed'. 90210's on TV right now and I year to watch itBUT I've missed the 2 episodes before that. To tell you the truth, I've only watched the pilot episode. I was thinking of just waiting for the DVD to come out. Lol. How I wish I could watch it, really but though I want to, it airs too late (in my opinion at least) and I prioritize my sleep.

Speaking of 90210, I love Silver's stlye. :) :) :) :) :)

Dang. I forgot what I was going to tell! Hahaha!
I'm hungry.

I'll update you more tomorrow.
ACH!!! I've got recollection this Friday to Saturday and I haven't started with my palancas!!! Uh-oh. :| Must start soon or else the content would not be very meaningful.

I REMEMBER WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY EARLIER. Twilight premiere (in our country is today). Tomorrow's the official "showing day". Can't wait for Saturday -that's when we *fingers crossed* hopefully would watch it.

Hmm..I can't wait for simbang gabis -they just make me feel how close Christmas is more and more. :) Can't wait.


And I Set The School On Fire.


OH I DIIID. Hahaha. Kidding. :)
I wore brights yesterday to the second day of our fair -still muddy. :p Muddier than ever actually which is weird considering it didn't rain that much yesterday compared to Friday. :p
OOOH. I got a compliment. *blush, blush*

I was planning to go late to school yesterday -around 4-5pm- but I ended up going at 6:30 past! Whew. HAHAHA. My sister prepared for a debut -the reason why. It's all good though because I was aiming for an arrival time that is the same as the Variety Show's start.

I missed Nevertheless!!! IMAGINE THAT?? I felt so bad about it. UGH. :( :( :( It's just so sad. UGH.
I watched Imago up close though. Very close. For real. It was awesome watching Aia (sp?) perform on stage, rocking it out and all that. It made me want to do the same -to go sing my heart out on stage and perform with no holding back. THAT WOULD FEEL SO GOOD. I also watched Pedicab but I didn't enjoy it much. I still liked it though! Especially their glowing "light sticks". Hahaha! I'm still pretty regretful about missing Nevertheless. Hahaha. I really like their music!
Speaking of Nevertheless. I told Fami (the drummer's sister who is my batchmate) that I was frustrated that I wasn't able to watch them play -then she introduced me to her brother and another band member (they're only three in the band) as "your number one fan". HAHAHAHA. It was embarrassing but I just made a joke out of it and made fun of the comment. Lol.

ANYWAY..I can't think of others thing to rant about -at the moment so why not fill you with my outfit photos?? YAY. Lol. :p

Our variety show was entitled Neo -with a neon theme, yes. SO I took it seriously and wore brights! Bright brights!

THEN...I had this bag on..(I'm not very sure though if it suits the look. :p)

AND OH..I loved (well not love, just like) my brother's outfit. It's pretty much brights too. :p

We took the world with brights! ...

Really...forgive the quality of the photos. I don't know why they turned out that way. :| Oh well.
OOH, OOH. Since I'm part of the fair core group, I got my fair core shirt!! It's really nice. It's so worth the amount of money I paid. :p *sigh*

It's so unfortunate that my camera has only enough battery power to last me around 10+ photos -of my outfit. Tss. It's almost empty to the point that it says "change the batteries". It's so lame to have no photos of our muddy fair. NEXT SCHOOL YEAR I WILL MAKE SURE TO HAVE BATTERIES THAT WILL LAST ME FOREVER. Hahaha! Rechargeable batteries, I need you! I'm talking my parents to buying one already and I think that they do listen. It's just doesn't sink in. Hahaha!

Today is homework day and palanca-(letters for recollection)-making day. :( Time to catch up with missed school works due to fair preparation. I pray that I will not be stressed. Lol.

School again tomorrow.

OOH. I can smell our lunch meal -it's calling my name. Mm-mmm. :) :) :)

Anyway..not much to tell anymore. :p
'Till my next post.

The Night Starts Here - Stars

The Summer Sends Its Love.


Though summer is long over for me, I still enjoy listening to that song by Sherwood Schwartz (if I'm not mistaken). :)

Hmm...fair was yesterday and it RAINED. It poured, it poured, it poured. It wasn't raining hard but it rained continuously that the fair ground was a mudslide. HAHAHA. Grass wasn't even visible to the eyes anymore -they're not even close to a shade of green. It was pretty much mud, mud..and more mud. OH and some sediments to. HAHAHA.
Well, I guess you could just use your imagination on how all of our feet looked like -together with the shoes. AND. This is the first year when slippers were allowed! Too bad for those who wore a pair. Lol. :p

I just "hid" pretty much, during the fair -that is, hid from the catchers. Hahaha! I'm such a paranoid when it comes to those people. WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE CATCHING BOOTHS? Damn them. HAHAHA. KIDDING 'k? Lol. Hmm....I dunno. It's such a waste of money because you'll be forced to pay either way -if you choose to bail or play. Tss. Hahaha. AND it was hard to run away from them during the fair was muddy remember? That means slippery, dangerous, accident prone....the list goes on for a klutz like me.

OH did I mention I didn't even ride a ride??? HAHAHA. I'm a major loser. Kidding. Well..the rides didn't look that fun anyway....or maybe I'm just trying to make myself better for not even trying to fin out if it is or isn't. Lol.

My feet hurt the whole time -maybe because of the shoes I was wearing.

Battle of the Bands.
The band I opted for won!!! Congrats Nevertheless!!! I'd be looking forward to watching you during the Variety Show!!! -which is today. Lol. Later afternoon, near evening. :p Can't wait.
ALSO. Congrats to in-house bands -who are from our batch- Damsel Saves The Hero and Grounded. You guys were great! I'm so proud of you. Hands down. KISS, KISS, AND A MILLION KISSES MORE. Add hugs to that. *wink, wink*

I'd be going to our fair's second day -today. AND IT'S STILL DRIZZLING. Great. I was thinking of arriving just before the Variety Show. It will start at around 5pm, I think -but of course they'd start later than that. Lol. NEVERTHELESS is playing. Hahaha! I love them -instruments and vocals altogether. Awesome.

The day before the fair was, of course, PREPARATION DAY. And my working clothes were supposedly this:

But then I decided to just wear that outfit for our vigil so I just changed into a baggy blue dry-fit shirt with a fit striped tank top underneath peeking on my waistline. Hahaha. :p Didn't capture a picture of it. WOOPS. And oh! I changed into low-cut lime-colored chucks. :)

Counting down the days to Christmas, love.

I'd Prefer Not To Be Rescued.


Tomorrow's the day! -And I've got a zit on my left cheek. HAHAHA. I seriously do! Of all days! But it's okay. I would not mind it. After all, if I carry myself with insecurity, I'm pretty sure it shows. So why not walk like my zit doesn't exist? Uhuh! That's the spirit. HAHAHA.

OH! I forgot to tell you that the first outfit I posted yesterday is REVERSIBLE! Isn't that such a good buy?? It's like a 2-in-1 shirt/dress! Awesome! Here's the inside-out look:

Today was exhausting but worth it and fun. We prepared for our fair booth which is named Hydrocontrol Barracks -I'll explain later- and I thought it would be easy and take only half the day! But I was wrong!!! It took us the whole day! :| We were 11 working on every thing that's needed for the booth and we were all preoccupied with something to do -no lazy people around please.

OH. Earlier today, when I was waiting for my school bus, I checked out lookbook to find that they've interviewed Hannah S.!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME. I adore her looks. TO-TA-LLY. I have "her page" bookmarked! Hahaha! I just adore her and I love it when she said in one of the questions in her interview "Thus my personal style is inexpensive but creative." -I can so relate. I'm very thrifty...frugal when it comes to clothes. I don't mind the quality that much really though I still do care of course. It's more of that I try to see that if I buy cheap pieces, it doesn't look cheap. Actually, I feel sympathy for those who spend too much in pieces that they'd only be using once or twice. It's such a waste of money. I also agree with Hannah S. when she said she prefer to shop out of malls -or something like that- because truly, that's where you can buy unique articles of clothing!

My lookbook favorites:
Hannah S.
Erika A.
Adeline R.
Scruffie B.
Mega B.

They're styles are just lovely. Hands down.

Listening to IMPOSSIBLE by Shout Out Louds



This is the nth time I started blogging again.
One moment, I'm posting entries nonstop then a moment after, I'd stop doing so. I dunno. There are just times when I want to write about the randomest things in the world then later on, I decide that blogging is boring or there's not much to blog about anymore -and thus I decide to delete my blog then create one again, then delete..
I shall start again.
I want to blog about...well, the ideas that come to my head -and as of the moment it's all about fashion, fashion, fashion.
Oh wait.

I think I meant style -maybe both.
I'd be posting my "looks" here -instead of my Multiply (a site which holds your pictures, music, blogposts etc..but mostly pictures). I don't want my Multiply to be my "style site". It would be more of a...hmm. "Casual picutres" site?

So here's a picture of my most recent look:

So there. I'm pretty much just "modeling" the things I recently bought (just this weekend) because as of this moment, I have no events to wear them to -at least none yet. :)

I'm looking forward to our school fair which will be held this Friday and Saturday. I'm pretty excited. We'll be preparing starting tomorrow but I began early (starting yesterday afternoon -stayed behind after dismissal- and today) because the fair committee I'm in needs to work earlier than the rest so I was pulled out of class for the whole day -we're half-day today by the way. Tomorrow's the "official day" for preparation -not just the committees will work but also the fair booths. Only selected people will be allowed out of class though- those who will help prepare and all.

I pretty have "busy" schedule and very costly one too.
This week I have our school fair to go to -which of course requires money if you want to enjoy it and I DO. Week after, we'd be having our recollection which is somewhat pricey compared to our past recollections since this one's overnight unlike before. The week after that recollection, I'd be having my OJT (on-the-job-training) at Don Henricos with my groupmates -that requires payment too- then after that OJT our batch will be having its BATCH ENCOUNTER -payment again. Yay batch encounter!! I'm looking forward to it. It's our first ever -usually it's just a class encounter. :)

I'm working on my OWN blog layout but I'm not yet done so I'd use one of the options blogger offers. :) Hope to finish it soon so I can finally "personalize" my blog.