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I find this photo inspiring.
Screw the sex word written on it.

Concidences In The Middle Of The Day


It's funny how something so simple and unexpected can make you smile idiotically.
I was browsing my newsletters in my e-mail and I came across VMAN17 so I checked it out.
I saw this article about a band called The Drums.
I decided to check their MySpace and the first song on their playlist, Let's Go Surfing, is this song I've been hearing from this particular radio station and I just could get the artist, nor the song title -since the radio station DJs rarely mention these details-, nor the lyrics! Lol.
But I'm ecstatic I now finally know what it is.
Click the picture! It's the link to the mag. The article's on page 46.

I love their sorta "editorial".

Yesterday, I went to a meeting of all legacy committee heads held in our school. I rode public transportation to go there but somewhere along one of my stops, I decided to hitch a ride with a classmate. I waited at a's the SMS msg I composed in my phone:

Pretending to text...
I look ridiculous while waiting inside and undiscovered/underground cafe that's playing good relaxing music -a cd of Death Cab for Cutie. I buy the cheapest drink they offer -an 8oz. bottle of orange juice -0r was it mango? I had finished drinking it for quite some time now I can't remember what flavor I bought. It's time to go now, I think. The employees are probably mad at me now -mad on the inside, cool on the outside. Time to go, ta-ta!

Well, that's pretty much what I said to myself during those 15-20 minutes.

OH GEEZ, model crush alert: Paolo Anchisi
Here are some photos of him from VMAN's fashion editiorial, The Outsiders.
(farthest right)
(left -gorgeous!)

I have a thing for moles. Serious.
...and curly hair. :)

And then there's Douglas Neitzke:

Awesome shot from 160 Grams magazine's editorial, The Super Eros

I guess my post's alter-title could be: A Tribute To Men Magazines and Male Models

I'm currently viewing back issues of magazines.
Look what I came across with...
...the boys of Skins! Luke, Ollie and Jack.

Color Me Bad editorial (Spring 2009, Issue#13)

VMAN's first issue:


Music Videos


I'm updating my Mixpod playlists with both old and new songs.
Here are some videos I came across with:

Send My Love To The Dance Floor



I haven't posted for quite some time now.
It has been pretty hectic lately.

We had our 3rd quarterly tests last week and the Academic Week this last week of January.
Geez, February's coming too soon.

The preparation for our legacy concert is at its peak at the moment. We're cramming almost everything in one month (January) and, I must say, we're working well under pressure -though we most probably look stressed and harassed at the moment. Lol. But, we're all too idealistic (at least I like to believe we are) to think negatively. This holds true for me, at most. ;)

The frequency of our dance practices this week is increasing at quite a rate. Hahaha! Kidding. I'm just exaggerating quite-ly. Lol.

What my horoscope says is very timely. Hahaha! We were discussing our costume for our dance genre (sexy/jazz) just a little earlier.

Anyway, a lot's happened since the last time I posted, we had our annual school fair last January 8-9. I believe it was awesome (except catching booths is one item included in my pet peeves list).
I loved my 2nd-fair-day outfit. Lol. I had my picture taken by a friend but I haven't retrieved the photo from her. I shall post once I have it. ;) mail's flooded with these newsletters I've subscribed too. I sorted through them and found some inspirational photos:

"We are people who want to play dress-up all day--we don't want to know about all the pain in the world." - Publicist/Reality-TV star/author Kelly Cutrone on the fashion industry to New York Magazine

Can You Feel It? Can You Feel It? Rushing Through Your Head, Rushing Through Your Head


Rush - Aly & AJ

I'm totally loving listening to their songs at this exact moment.
Awesome videos too match with!

"Caught in the moment."
Chemicals React - Aly & AJ

New Site To Watch Out For

1.15.2010's not exactly new as in it was just created. It's new meaning, newly discovered by me. HAHAHA.]

Another Love!


Cheap Monday Paper Cup Necklace
(absolutely adorable!!!)


Proenza Schouler Cutout Lace-Up Sandal

Jil Sander Cutout Flat

Mulberry The Alexa

Tsumori Chisato Paradise Girls Print Dress

3.1 Phillip Lim Off Shoulder Ruffle Blouse

3.1 Phillip Lim Patchwork Asymmetrical Cardigan

I Will Always Love You


Love Song - The Cure

I cannot find the cover sung by a girl and boy...and it's not Jack Off Jill. Pssh.
This is my 200th post! :)

Burberry Campaign (making)

My, such gorgeous boys they have here: Alex Watson and George Craig! :)

Here's some of the pics: