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It's funny how something so simple and unexpected can make you smile idiotically.
I was browsing my newsletters in my e-mail and I came across VMAN17 so I checked it out.
I saw this article about a band called The Drums.
I decided to check their MySpace and the first song on their playlist, Let's Go Surfing, is this song I've been hearing from this particular radio station and I just could get the artist, nor the song title -since the radio station DJs rarely mention these details-, nor the lyrics! Lol.
But I'm ecstatic I now finally know what it is.
Click the picture! It's the link to the mag. The article's on page 46.

I love their sorta "editorial".

Yesterday, I went to a meeting of all legacy committee heads held in our school. I rode public transportation to go there but somewhere along one of my stops, I decided to hitch a ride with a classmate. I waited at a's the SMS msg I composed in my phone:

Pretending to text...
I look ridiculous while waiting inside and undiscovered/underground cafe that's playing good relaxing music -a cd of Death Cab for Cutie. I buy the cheapest drink they offer -an 8oz. bottle of orange juice -0r was it mango? I had finished drinking it for quite some time now I can't remember what flavor I bought. It's time to go now, I think. The employees are probably mad at me now -mad on the inside, cool on the outside. Time to go, ta-ta!

Well, that's pretty much what I said to myself during those 15-20 minutes.

OH GEEZ, model crush alert: Paolo Anchisi
Here are some photos of him from VMAN's fashion editiorial, The Outsiders.
(farthest right)
(left -gorgeous!)

I have a thing for moles. Serious.
...and curly hair. :)

And then there's Douglas Neitzke:

Awesome shot from 160 Grams magazine's editorial, The Super Eros

I guess my post's alter-title could be: A Tribute To Men Magazines and Male Models

I'm currently viewing back issues of magazines.
Look what I came across with...
...the boys of Skins! Luke, Ollie and Jack.

Color Me Bad editorial (Spring 2009, Issue#13)

VMAN's first issue:



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