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Cheers To 2010!


Well, in less than 24 hours, that is. :)

So what's the big deal with the new year coming up? the word new obviously indicates, it's time to begin once again, to start over. It feels like you can put this one whole year behind you, almost forget every memory you don't want to remember, and keep with you those you want to treasure and take with you in this coming new year..
I'm looking forward to 2010.
It feels fresh. ;)

I'm loving Dashboard Confessional's new album but, I haven't exactly given it a listen. I've just been hearing songs from it on the radio particularly Belle Of The Boulevard and Get Me Right. The latter my favorite at the moment. Pure worship song.

I made my slow way home
Limping on broken bones
Out of the thickest pine
Across the county lines
On to your wooden stairs
I know you can repair
I know you've seen the light
I know you'll get me right


I own a sinners heart
I know the rain falls hard
I know the currency
I know the things you'll need
I hope he hears my prayers
I see you cut your hair
I know the saving type
I know you'll get me right


But, Jesus I've fallen
I don't mind the rain if
I meet my maker
I'll meet my maker clean

But, Jesus the truth is
I've struggled so hard to believe
I'll meet my maker
I'll need my maker

To cure of my doubting blood
And drain me of the sins I love
And take from me my disbelief
I know it should come easily
But it remains inside of me
It battles and devours me
It cuddles up the side of me
And whispers it convinces me I'm

Right (11x)

I'mma visit their MySpace soon (it's actually loaded in one of my browser's tabs already but I'm still downloading some other songs to my playlist. Heh.)

As I have a knack for watching movie trailers no matter how absurd I think the movie title is (think Snakes On A Plane -too straightforward!), I made my siblings watch Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer with me. You know how I discovered it? Well, I was looking up trailers weren't I? So I came across this movie Brideshead Revisited and I found one of the actors.. attractive. (Lol.) So I looked him up on Imdb (ever trusty website!) and found that one of his movie was Perfume: blahblah so I looked the trailer up (seriously, I can't remember how I came across that movie. HAHA. My narration is inaccurate.) ANYWAY, let's get to the bottom of this, yeah? The trailer of the movie drew me. A must watch creepy-weird movie! ;)
I crush Ben Whishaw.

Go give it a watch. It has a very original plot (it was based on a book) so it's totally a breath of fresh air. And oh, Wendy from Peter Pan with Jeremy Sumpter as the lead was there too. She's the other red-haired girl. My, she's grown up beautifully -but her voice still sounds the same! HAHA.

Those will be all for now.

A Happy New Year to all! ;)


Blogger Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Dashboard Confessional, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

6:38 PM, March 19, 2010  

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