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Untouchable - Luna Halo (cover)

Yesterday, I quickly posted this entry featuring the music video of the my today's post's title.

That song is just divine.
I prefer it a gazillion times over Taylor Swift's version.

When I heard this song on the radio, it's like a soundtrack straight out of a movie scene. It's beautiful, it's magical. You know how you just imagine movie-scene like scenarios when you hear this certain song? Well, Untouchable by Luna Halo is just that. It's absolutely lovely. Certainly one of those songs you won't regret losing yourself into.

Look what I found:

They are gorgeous! I'm in love. HA! Here's the catch though: those two shoes (notice their differences?) are created by two different designers. Steve Madden designed the one at the left and Balenciaga designed the one on the right for his Fall 2007 collection. It's referred to as the Lego heels which is so appropriate come to think of it. Haha! However, since it could be deemed that Steven Madden "copied" this look from the former, it was sued by Balenciaga.

Ooh, designer drama! HAHA.

Another song to take note of:

Anyway, I was browsing through my news letters and I found this fashion spread in Vogue starring Sasha Pivovarova and 8 headline-making-musicians (MGMT's included! Mika looks gorgeous.) It's a spread featuring various designers.
Click images to enlarge:

"I wanna be your skin
I wanna feel everything you feel
I wanna be your covering
And I will hide you inside of me
With every breath in harmony
I wanna be your skin
I wanna be your covering."
I Am Your Skin - The Bravery


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