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Yesterday, I went to meet a friend who migrated almost 2 years ago.
She came back to the country 2 nights ago.
Sadly, my camera's battery wasn't up for some picture taking earlier during the day. :| It said "change the battery" at the screen. However, later in the night, I just manipulated the batteries and then voila! it worked. HAHA. I had a self-arranged-styled-and-modeled photo shoot with the new necklace I bought:

I have more pictures but...I wouldn't want to flood my blog with 'em, flooded as it is. Lol.
The inspiration (sort of): Red Lipstick - Skint And Demoralised

Going home from the meet-up, I commuted with a friend. She goes down first then I had myself dropped of at SM Taytay because it made crossing the streets easier and less scarier. Ha.
I browsed through the stores and the department store and of course, my list of things-I-want-to-buy just grew longer. HAHAHA.

Christmas Eve is just 12 more days away. Another year is ending yet again and I couldn't bring myself to comprehend all that has happened this 2009.
Geez. It seems just like yesterday that fireworks were lighting up the sky to welcome the new year...
...and now I'm graduating in a few months. :o
But, I shall not be melancholic about that just yet.
It's not yet time.

Anyway, in the spirit of Christmas, I figure I could and should post my wishlist (which I've written since the 6th month of the year) now:

*black tights (All kinds: basic plain one, liquid ones, distressed and mutilated ones)
*leggings (Any kind wouldn't hurt)
*rings (Funky, with gems, cartoon-like, whichever)
*bracelets (Provide variety! I prefer beaded ones though not the made-out-of-steel-or-the-like-ones though those kinds are still acceptable: vintage-looking charm bracelets would be lovely!)
*canvas sneakers (I'd love to have a collection! No need for Keds ones. I could stand or Beachwalk or Advan which sell them for P2oo only.)
*bold solid plain colored shoelaces! (For the canvas sneakers of course!)
*old international magazines (Teen Vogue, Nylon, etc...)
*style/fashion books (Any kind would make me ecstatic)
*clothes! (One can never have to many)
*necklaces (Long-chained ones are preferred)
*accessories (As if you haven't figured out that one earlier) -I mean hair accessories though: headband, clips, etc
*brooches, pins, etc. (Something you could pin to your clothing)
*plain tank tops (For layering!)
*anything from the store Cherry Rockin' Blues in Sta. Lucia would make me gaga! (Special mention: their necklace, leggings, or tops)
*anything from Artwork (I love their accessories, bags, purses, etc. more than their shirts! HAHA)
*a book/novel (No classics though. HEHE. Tip: young adult section books)
*keychains/cellphone accessories (with cute pendants!)
*Caress nail polish (Their bright colored ones: orange, lime green, yellow, blue, violet, pink! Basics: red, black, and gray!)
*rewritable blank cds or a USB (I need to store my "fashion files" to an external thingoid. Else, our computer might crash from all the memory space it takes up! HAHA.)
*bold solid plain colored ankle socks (One can never have too many pairs. Agree? Agree.)
*graphic shirts ('Nuff said.)
*PINK (as in almost Barbie-like pink) lip balm or lip gloss
*sheer black stockings

The If-You're-Rich Wishlist
*laptop (medium sized)
*new phone
*shopping spree!

"She likes red lipstick, fish n' chips, orange juice, and trips to the seaside."
Red Lipstick - Skint And Demoralised


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