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I'mma Tell You One Time


One Time - Justin Bieber

I wrote this, 2 days and 3 nights before our monthsary.

It is one of the many experiences and moments I will cherish forever, for a lifetime.

As fleeting and as evanescent the physical experience is, the memory will linger eternally.

Occasionally, the impression would feel distant, or far-flung. But small, minute reminders bring close the memories, the familiarity with what had happened.

I may muse over it, perhaps with a tinge of regret, but in general I am full of gratitude. Perchance, I lament over the short instances which I could have lived more fully but, ...I made the most out of the time I was given. I did not wish to escape that sanctuary which was home not only to me but all 51 of us, which we found as refuge from the unending anxieties, responsibilities, etc., of reality. I smile melancholically, heart full of ache yet full of extreme joy. It will be a gazillion of opposites meeting at the middle, this emotion the memory of our retreat evokes but, I welcome each and every one of those puzzling sentiments, perplexing contraries, with an open heart, and an open mind. Everything which has comprised our retreat could have been summed up to a 25-minute video but the lessons we have learned, the change, the transfiguration that ensued within us, would endure a lifetime.

A few hours earlier, while I was still in school enjoying the last minutes of my lunch break, I acquire from our class adviser, the DVD which holds the memory of our class’ retreat. The one we had for 4 days and 3 nights, from the 3rd of November, to its 6th.

My reflection which I made extra dramatic as I wrote it during the earlier part of this post, is heartfelt to the fullest, with words carefully picked up to, as much as possible, mirror the emotion I am trying to make you empathize with but, would never sum up to exactly how I feel, how we all felt.

You know how mysterious and puzzling it feels when someone’s lips curves upwards, seemingly infinitely up their cheeks, when they smile at you for reasons you don’t know and they themselves couldn’t explain? Well, that’s exactly how the moment is right now. It’s unfathomable and only a wistful smile could sum up everything you feel.

I'm beat. HAHAHA.

Had an overnight at a friend's house with Mariz, Ayna, Gen, Ara, and Liang (the host).

We went to celebrate an precious event at another's the next day.

Busy weekend. Hoorah.



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