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If school days were like what these past 2 ones have been, I would have been more enthusiastic about having to go to school on a daily basis.

For the past two days, our usually 50-minute subjects were cut down into 30-minute ones. -That means we go home at lunch time. That reason alone is enough to support what I've just said. It would be less stressful if school ended that way. We'd have more time to do our homeworks where it's supposed to be done (at home) and, we'd have rest time for goodness' sake! Students need rest too. And, I understand that so do the teachers so...why don't we make everyone happy and cut school time to half a day? That would be beneficial for all of us. Heh.

I am ranting. But, I just said those because right now, I appreciate intensely having a half-day school day. It's such a relief to know that I go home from school at lunch time, and I arrive home with no minimal homeworks to do. Oh joy!

So again, I leave my blog post entries hanging as I browse some other sites from which I can't take my eyes off.

Discovered this: TheCobraSnake

What's in my La Garconne newsletter?

T by Alexander Wang

Gorgeous pieces in black, white, gray, and a few bright shades in between.
I love the cuts and the simplicity.


So pretty much I channeled my energy and time to unproductive things -if school related work is your definition of productive that is.

I shall brows the rest of The Cobra Snake's archive for the meantime.
While I wait for my sister to get home.
Before she steals the internet from me.


"Change is good."
Ignorance - Paramore


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