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Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus

She's gorgeous here.
The video's hot.

Geez, long time no post much? HAHA.
I most probably will do some major updating when sem break comes along. (Just 2 more weeks! And yes, we do still have a sem break. HOORAH!)

OOh. I think there's so much to tell. (Oh really now? HAHA.)

I passed cheering for the intramurals! WHOOPEEE. (HAHA. Dream come true! HAHA. Shallow much?)
Anyway, I also joined the track & field 100-meter run event. OOH. God help me!
I'm not sure I can run that fast but I love running so I might as well give it a try.

A while ago, I kind of came into terms with it and realized that, according to my Physics class, mass and acceleration move in opposite direction SOOO...does that mean I'll run more slowly due to my weight? Oh please no! HAHAHA. Nevertheless, I'll exert more force (its directed towards the same direction as acceleration!).

OOH. What nerdy things I just said. Lol.

Anyway, must go.
My head's starting to ache with all the internet stuff I'm doing.

Would you believe that despite being a teenager, I have low tolerance for internet usage? HAHA.


Oh MY. My grades are...unqualifying. HAHA. What? I haven't had a 90+ grade this quarter in my unit tests. What shame Aien. :)) How am I ever going to realize my dream? HAHA. Kidding.


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