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You Know That I Could Use Somebody


Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

Good evening readers! :) [If there are any for that matter.]

It's been a rainy week -stormy is the more appropriate word to use. :p
Don't get me wrong, I love the rain but today's wearing me down. I dunno. It must have been the tiring week. Today is just not a good day for me I guess. It ain't so bad either. The mass we had earlier was superb (I know that term is so improper to use). I needed time with God. I haven't been attending our morning talks due to school production practices. I needed to catch up with God.

God loves me. :)
God loves you too. ;)

"What am I that You should love me, and hold me as Your dearest love of all?"

Sometimes I am completely at awe at how much God loves me. Really. It's just so amazing most times, that despite all my imperfections and my mistakes, He still loves me.
I am marveling right now.

I'm so thankful God loves me. :)

Ok, that was an outpouring of emotions. HAHAHA. I don't know why those words came out of me. They just flowed spontaneously. Heh. :D

Anyway, yesterday and today, we had our school production. The days before those, we had full-day practices (tiring!). I was part of the Spin-off Dance which I am ever so grateful for (guess what? Part of my "things-to-do-before-I-graduate" is to participate in the school production. HAHAHA. -At least I have one thing marked off my checklist *winks*).

I am listening to previously made playlist again (Jack's Mannequin to be exact).

"I'm thinking I prefer not to be rescued."
Rescued - Jack's Mannequin


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