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Srsly, what's up with the cyber world? I seem quite lost. LOL.
I don't really want to have a Facebook account. (Or maybe I'm just saying that to go against the norm.) I'm contemplating the deletion of my account one of these days. Heh. :)

I just deleted it.

I realize, I can't. Lol!

Anyway, it's been pretty hectic (I think). Or...not much happening that is worth blogging about. Ha!

I told you I'd post some more Linggo ng Wika pictures but I realize that's not necessary. :)


Article I came across with while looking up fashion business administrations:

Schizo school fashion

By Bianca Consunji

Last updated 18:11:00 06/12/2007

MANILA, Philippines—The school uniform, while convenient and inexpensive in the long run, does not allow much room for self-expression. This is why many college freshmen, intoxicated by freedom from hulking school authorities, run amok and often go to extremes to express their individuality during the first few weeks of class.

A few months ago, a bunch of high school seniors asked my friends and I what we wore for the first week of college classes. They were extremely excited at the prospect of wearing casual clothes every day, and wanted to get wardrobe advice.

“Ah,” a friend from a neighboring school proclaimed, “I dressed up like there was a party every day, because for the first time in my life, we were exposed to boys on a daily basis! Tube tops, miniskirts, heels … then I realized that I looked like a complete freshman after a while, because only the freshmen really dressed up.”

“How about you?” one innocent high school girl asked, turning to me.

“I don’t even remember,” I replied. “All I know is that I treated my school as a big jungle that had to be conquered, and I had to be prepared for everything. I wore ratty jeans, sneakers, and shirts along with a huge backpack until I realized that I didn’t have to dress like I was prepared to retrieve a copy of the Table of Elements from the top of the lone coconut tree in the Sunken Garden at any time.”


Finding the perfect middle ground for back-to-school clothing can be a challenge; after all, the perfect middle ground depends on several factors, including the school, college, and course of the student. For instance, a person dressed in a long-sleeved polo and dark pants will not look out of place in a business administration-dominated building; bring the same person to a fine arts building, and he will feel as out of place as a turtle in a snail shell. Students taking up fashion design will not have a problem wearing reworked petticoats and corsets in their home colleges, but law students wearing the same thing might have more Elle Woods moments than they’d care to have.

But then again, not everyone wants to wear reworked petticoats or long-sleeved polo shirts. For those who want to stand out without looking like they’re in the throes of initiation week, look for tops and bottoms that you can mix and match to come up with different looks for every day of the week. On Monday mornings, for instance, you can come in a Goth-inspired outfit to match your black mood (if you haven’t done your homework). Liven up your midweek with some color, or layer on some pieces to add zing to Friday night-outs after classes.

Have fun with the high school stereotypes you see on Hollywood movies; dress like the resident jock one day, and wear glasses and a vest for a nerdy look the next. Wear plaid and throw on a cap for a preppy look, or layer bright, juicy colors (and a haughty pout) to give off popular princess vibes. Or better yet, combine elements of several stereotypes to come up with a look that’s all your own.

You don’t have to sift through every store in the mall or haggle endlessly at your favorite secondhand shop to get the looks you want to show off this school year. Check out Bench’s latest back-to-school offerings for your fashion show down the hallways of the school. We like their colorful tees, jeans, caps and jackets for the rainy day weather that always greets the students for the first few months of school. You can also pair your old basic pieces with a colorful accent or two—a tank top or vest over a shirt will do wonders to revamp your wardrobe, while a cap can add a funky touch to your everyday clothes.


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