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People! I haven't had the chance to blog for the past two days. Wait, I did but...I felt too lazy to do an update. Lol.

Last Friday was a holiday so my friends and I decided to hit Eastwood city (the usual stop for high school and college students, bar hoppers, party goers, you name it, they're there). It was in our agenda (oh geez I make it sound so formal) to watch The Time Traveler's Wife 5:30pm show. Unfortunately, though we arrived early, (before 5 I think), the opted for show time was almost full and the available seats were no longer that inviting due to its unlikely location in the movie theater. We reserved seats for the 8pm show.
To pass time, we roamed around the malls, checking out clothing stores and the like to look for a likely gift for a friend. :)
Perhaps due to the day being a holidyay, Eastwood was packed with throngs of people. Of all kinds. From school mates to call center workers, to foreigners, to families, you name them all.

Before watching the movie, my friends and I separated for dinner. Iya and Iana to El Pirata (if I'm not mistaken, that's what's the restaurant is called), and the rest of us to KFC (hoorah, fast food!).

We made it in time to watch the trailers before the movie (I can't remember a single one though...maybe because we had a washroom break in the middle of their show times).

On with the movie, it was a tear jerker! (At least for sappy folks like me.)
There were parts when I was trying to stop breathing due to fear of sniffing. The movie house was so quiet and I feared breaking the silence with my unnecessary sniffing and sobbing. HAHAHA. However, I was quite distracted during the extent of the movie for reasons I do not dare reveal even to myself (HA!). And, and, I was quite confused with the chronological order of the scenes. Of course, I understand that Eric Bana is indeed time travelling in the movie so it is expected that he jumps from the past to the future then back to the present and I'm telling you, I get that part. However, for example, the time frame of their marriage and the like, I'm not that sure what time it was occuring. How far along are they in their marriage, was that the earlier part, or the latter? When Rachel McAdams' hair was cut shorter, ...when was that exactly?

I haven't read the book yet, see?

I pretty much understood the movie's gist though so that's quite pacifying.
I shall read the book however, to better understand.
Then I shall rewatch the movie. Ha!


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