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"Browsed" through scenes from Juno, the movie. I didn't know I could finish my movie review so easily. I was expecting to struggle with it since until this morning I had not decided which of my favorite movies to review (I don't even know which my favorites are!). I was thinking of having to rewatch movies I've watched previously. However, I did not want to look those movies up pa in the internet so I decided to go with what I already have (which is a VCD of Juno). So Juno, it is! HAHAHA. I never realized how much I love that movie until now. I mean, I did like it even during the first time I watched it but when you try to see it in depth and the like, you realize all the more what it's all about. I'm glad I chose this movie. I made a 3-page long review about it. HAHAHA. That's how passionate I am about critiquing the movie. Ha! However, I mostly praised the movie. I could not see its faults. Lol.
Is that okay? HAHAHA.

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