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Leadership Training last Saturday (yesterday)! WHOOT.
T'was supah fun! ...and tiring! HAHA.
It was nice meeting new people and making new friends! (OOH. Expanding social life. HAHAHAHA.)

I'm torn between narrating in detail what's happened or not. LOL. It's always such a dilemma to me! I really like sharing stories. Really. (Not sarcastic here). Because I like sharing experiences which made me happy, you know? :)

Come to think of it, it's the last leadership training I am going to. :o OH-NO. I'm so glad I came! I didn't come last year for some reason I forgot. I had other commitments I think. :( I went last last school year though (I think), back in second year.

The event was tiring but I really enjoyed myself and the company of others. Hi groupmates and people I got to know during the ice breaker thing (that was fun!).


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