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"Your perceptions are even more right on than usual. You know what's really up. "


That's what my horoscope's saying. Is he talking about the college application essay I'm making? I hope so because I can't seem to finish it. LOL. I like my essay except that...I somehow slipped off in the latter part (lost my "momentum" is what I mean) so I'm waiting for inspiration and illumination to come back so I can continue writing again. I don't want to pick up from bits and pieces of what's left of my earlier "momentum". I'm somehow scatterbrained right now. Lol. So I guess I'll finish it later.

Class last Friday was suspended and so was Saturday (we were supposed to have Saturday classes now due to the days taken away from us during our quarantine days). I wonder to when our Leadership Training would be moved (it was supposed to be last Saturday too). I was looking forward to it.

OOH. I have watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last Friday night (battled the storm with my brother!). I wasn't pleased with the fact that my awaited intense duel/fight scene wasn't there! I was expecting it since the movie began! Very nice cinematography though. Really good effects. I loved the scene with the raging sea waves the most. The part wherein Dumbledore and HarryPotter were going to enter a cave where one of Horcruxes is hidden.

Anyway, highway (ugh! HAHAHA)...I sort of had a series of clothes I dressed up in before going out. I took quite a number of photos of myself. Vanity is a sin. I guess I am sinful. NOT NICE.

That's just one set (why does Blogger blur it?). LOL.
I surely love my bracelets. ;)

Listening to The Antlers.


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