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Paradise Cove - Pete Yorn

Sentimental music.

It's playing in the background.
I calm down.
I close my eyes.
My thoughts sway with the music.
I get lost in it.
I let my spirit lift up.

I am lonely.
I am desolate.
Will you talk to me?
Will you keep ignoring me?
I am visible.
I'm invisible.
I disappear.
I appear.
I were.
I am.
I am.

July 21, 2009, 5:28 PM
Have you ever given it any though how that words sound like a super power? LOL. I mean, come on! Take a second look and try to say the word. Supervision. It sound like a super power! Well, doesn't it? It seems in-line with superhero too. HAHAHAHA. Just a very random thing to ponder about. :p

Times are becoming stressful, yeah? I thought I was free from stress since yesterday night. Guess I was wrong then. :o Seems like stress was just about to arrive. HAHAH -not.

"I can change anything."
Thinking of You - Pete Yorn


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