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Rubber Bands, Paper Clips and Wooden Beads Bracelets


...I renamed one of my albums in my folder. ;) It seemed more appropriate (view previous post's pictures. Teehee.)

Ola Agosto!
Though I believe that should be "Mabuhay Agosto!" to be more in line with the month's theme which is traditionally, Buwan ng Wika for us Filipinos. :) I'm quite excited by the idea of it actually. ...I can foresee numerous events and activities in the loom. Hoorah! (They won't be all pleasant thought I believe. Tests and all. Not pleasant. LOL.)

Yesterday, I took the test which would determine my future to a certain degree (because above all, I still believe that God is the still the one who holds the key to my future -Naks!). UPCAT was...unexplainable. HAHAHA. Well...I'm not confident I would pass due to the numerous number of items I left blank (I wonder why I did not 'shotgun' it....-I'm trying to justify that action by telling myself I didn't have enough time.) but...I dunno. It was...I cannot find the english word to describe it. HAHAHAHA. Easy doesn't quite describe it but...kaya siya. WHAT? Oh Jesus, I hope I pass my dream school!

MY TEST-TAKING OUTFIT. HAHAHA. (Without the bracelets and the make-up. Nor the hair tied up -that was afterwards. LOL.)


New band: The Dodos!
Love 'em indie bands! Thank you for forever feeding my hunger for not so popular (in a nonoffensive way) music. Love ya! ;)

So how has the week been eh? Hell.
Kidding. That's just me exaggerating. LOL.
It's true the world seemed to stop for all of us seniors due to the looming UPCAT but I'm glad our time and space continuum is back on track (at least after the last batch finishes). I had trouble focusing on the present dealings I had to address (such as school work and the like) not only because of my migraine but also due to the panic I was feeling (because I still haven't studied for the UPCAT). But I'm better now. The test is done, and it's now up to God and the computer which will be checking my answer sheet. Lol.
Wish us all God's blessings!

"If you leave, don't look back. I'll be running the other way."

If You Leave - Nada Surf


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