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Over Petty Things Such As Wanting That Phone For Myself


I shall not ask anything in return for my generosity. It does not follow my idol. LOL. Seriously. If I do ask for something in return...what's the purpose? It's like doing something just for the sake of a reward.
I am trying my best not to feel the resentment. I believe my time will come when...material blessings will be showered upon me (upon us).
The urge to shop has been building up inside me for weeks now and I am trying my best to repress it and to channel my energy to school-related works and the like but geez, it gets distracting (not to mention depressing) sometimes.
[It's shallow, I understand. No need to shove it to my face.]

One of my mom's balik-bayan (is that spelled without the hyphen?) friend has given her a phone, the Samsung Propel. My brother has not hidden his passion to have it for himself. I have but I did point out that I want it too. I don't want to argue about it so I'm not insisting that I "deserve" it. It's not like my brother doesn't but, I guess...the material want reigns over, doesn't it?

...then I have so many items of clothing in my wishlist! (Or at least fashion related trinkets.)
I am seriously craving for them. *drools*
Polyvore sets!

Sorry the layouting needs more improvement. HAHAHA.
I want those bracelets in the second set for myself! :o

I need to exercise. HAHAHAHAHA.


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