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I've got no classes tomorrow.
A requiem for Cory Aquino, fellow Filipinos.
Adieu Cory.
Long live your legacy.

"Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree."

I am an eating machine! SRSLY. Hahahaha.
I've been eating like crazy! Is it hormones? IDON'TTHINKSO. HAHAHAHA.
It was brought about by the UPCAT stress I was feeling earlier but...the UPCAT is done and I'm still chowing down food like it's supposedly water!

I've been looking forward to an event that would free us students from all the looming school works. Srsly. I dunno..I guess I just want a break (like every normal school student does). Can I surface back to reality after a decade or two? I'll just have myvampire sleep. HAHAHAHAHA.

Hmm...that reminds me, I need to critique my favorite movie for our English class. IHAVENOIDEADWHATMYFAVORITEMOVIEISJUSTYET. Great. I think there is this one movie I declared as my favorite but UNFORTUNATELY, I cannot even remember which one it is! Perfect.

..Oh, the sarcasm! LOL.

I'm thinking of making a collage of my wish list! (Geez, I already have one and it's not even the -ber month's yet. HAHAHA.)

Now, let me drift off to do my thing (which is to look up pictures of my wish list. LOL).

"The geeks were right."
The Faint


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