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OH YEESSS! I am a happy happy kid. I am a happy happy tired kid.
At least I'm happy. HAHAHA.

I am writing my yearbook write-up -a work of literature I have been awaiting to make- and I am inspired enough that it permeates through every pore in my body. HAHAHA. (That's just me exaggerating).

It's limiting the creative fluid that's freely flowing within me though -only 75-100 words at most, are you kidding me?

But I shall take this as a challenge!
I am quite positive I will make it. Ha!

Anyway, wanna know how my 3-day weekend was spent?

I pretty much bummed around inside our house. HAHAHA. I did not feel like I was productive enough though I did accomplish making the Letter for Approval for the yearbook's theme and content, Letter for Soliciation (of letters) template, and about one-third of the Legacy Logistics Committee Visual Plan. HAHAHA. Enjoy much? Yes.

My family and I went to visit our grandmother's home since it was her birthday the day before. We ate and had a loadful of melon ice cream and banana fruit! Yum. We celebrated mass afterwards at Christ the King church. I proceeded to my busmate-slash-neighbor's 16th birthday celebration (it's her day on September 1st).
Gazillion of foods filled my stomach that day -and night. Hurrah!
We sang in the karaoke and it-was-so-much-fun. Go sing your heart out!

National Heroes' Day! It's a holiday but the soccer varsity of our school had a game so...I went along to show support (thinking that many shared the same thought as I. ...turns out I'm wrong :|). It's my last school year and I ought to watch at least one varsity game don't I? It will be quite regretful not to be able to do such a thing before I graduate, isn't it? I enjoyed myself throughout the day. It was quite full of adventure and pure fun! Especially the trip home. Hurrah! HAHAHA.

The Friday before the 3-day weekend, we had our "Linggo (or is it buwan?) ng Wika" Culminating Activity. No classes. What fun! HAHAHA. Just kidding.
Pictures next time!

Iya Parungao's Camera Pictures

DREAM PARTY: In a humongous bus packed with people dancing and heart-pounding music from the stereo!

...and oh, of course, who could forget the food and drinks? HA!

"My world is tilting, someone spin me back around!"


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