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Ignorance - Paramore

Ola! :)

It's the 6th of September today as all of you may know and it's nothing special to me really.

I really love British artists! Theyarejustthebest.

I watched "Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging" with my sister recently, that is, last Friday.
The day before, I was cramming and doing last-minute job shadow pre-activities. It was already past 8 in the evening and I still haven't settled whom and where I'll job shadow. (Talk about major cramming!)
Fortunately, at the last minute, I was able to contact a classmate who welcomed me to their job shadow site. Woohoo! I was very lucky indeed, even putting into consideration that the job shadow site I got in is something I love: garments! :)

Anyway, I will narrate more about that later on.

As I was saying earlier, I watched the movie mentioned above just recently, as a relaxing activity after a tiring but extremely exciting day.

British accent is so fun to mimic! Hahaha! Bloody hell.
Kidding. :)

To review the movie a little (I'm not one for reviews and critiquing. I always give thumbs up too any movie unless it was really poorly made. And I exaggerate really.), I find the transition of the love story of Georgia and...(what's Aaron Johnson's name in the movie again?) Robbie's natural. I appreciated the fact that they took the effort to show how their love blossomed. In other movie's they just sometimes suddenly like each other for no reason I understand. HAHAHA. (Or maybe I'm just that slow when it comes to reflecting on things.) I love how the element of friendship is still prevailing in their relationship even when they both realize they like each other. They're first kiss was so "melty". Aaron Johnson is too ...though I hope his voice would have been manlier. Teehee. :) Jas, Georgia's friend is really beautiful. :) And she and Tom are cute. Ha! Anyway, let's not career this chick flick thing, yeah?

OOH. I love, love, love! the movie's OST! I'm making a playlist of it right now. I will post it at the end of this post. ;)
I loved Lily Allen's cover of The Kooks' Naive by the way. :)

Earlier of Friday until mid-afternoon, I had my job shadow activity with Mariz, Angel, Ayna, Pat and OC at Greenhills and Maximilian System Inc. It was super worth it and fun! We enjoyed ourselves very much.
It was a rainy cold day and the outfit suggested was smart casual. As I had no idea how that outfit looks like, I came up with something which turned out to be a little to business-y. HAHAHA. You'll see in the pictures I'll be posting here:

Anyway, my sister told me about Paramore's cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.
Haley's voice is magical. *sighs*

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging OST

Oh yeah, before I forget, you know how sudden circumstances make your day extraordinary? I just witnessed that today.
I just screwed my hands with glass mug shreds.
I said that wrongly. Lol.
My mom was asking me to do an errand for her so I went outside to do so. I was going down our gate stairs when I slipped, smashed one of the 2 coffee mugs I was holding to buy taho and voila, my hands were bleeding (ooh, I should have skipped the gory details! HAHAHA!). Small bits of the broken mug scarred my 3 left fingers (the ones in between the thumb and pinky finger -one scar each. Lol.). Great! They bled nonstop earlier and I thought it the blood wasn't goign to stop gushing out and...okay, stopping with the gory details. I'm fine now. It's not deadly or anything. HAHAHA!

"That fire you ignited."
Ultraviolet - Stiff Dylans


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