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I am -lalalalala- excited! :)
It will be our section's retreat on the 9th until the 12th. I can't wait! But, reality-check, I still have Wednesday and Thursday to deal with, that is, an experimental Wednesday, and a test-filled Thursday. I am not really looking forward to either of it but I guess I have to bare it. It's just two day after all, isn't it?
I can survive that. ;)

Anyway, I've been...well, pretty much wasting my time trying to "concoct" (ooh, I speak like I'm referring to clothing as food) outfits in my head, -outfits to wear each day for our 4-day retreat. HAHA. I think I've come up with too much. OOPS. But...I love getting the chance to dress-up!
To be honest though, every non-uniform-wearing-day is dress-up-day for me. LOL.

Ooh..I want gray boots (to match with my dress) so badly!
Anyone willing to lend me a pair? HAHA.
Ciao readers!
Off to write love letters.

"Are you ready to love me?"
Everything - Fefe Dobson


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