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You're So Gay And You Don't Even Like Boys


You're So Gay - Katy Perry

This would be a blog entry whose content would actually mean something.
(I don't know if that even made sense...)

It's been a while since I last posted something relevant. I feel like I owe my blog and my journalism skills (if I've any) a little favor: write a decent blog post!

I have been posting nothing but clothing the past days but I don't want my blog to be just another devoted to fashion online journal (though it would be amazing my fame grows because of it!). I still want my blog to be something that hits close to home: a diary.

My recent posts which seem to have some effort in them were actually done with a half a heart. I just felt like I needed to do an update. It was all mind, no heart. Time for a blog overhaul.

I'mma start fresh, with a new layout! :)

That sentence has been hanging for exactly 2 hours and 9 minutes.
I was busy creating my header pic and encoding the html. Geez.
Took me long enough.

Anyway, the layouting drained the energy out of me. :|
I suppose this wouldn't be that much of a relevent post then...

Earlier today, we had our DEAR (drop everything and read) time in school (first period). A friend let me a book: "Audrey, Wait!". I've started with the first few pages during the time given however, I'm not the type who finishes a book with more than seating. I prefer reading and finishing it within a day (depending on my estimate of how long it will take me to read it). I guess I'll do that tomorrow when classes are shortened once again and we go home at lunch time. (Yay!)

The book looks pretty good to me for the following reasons:
1) The gist of it is pretty much: she has an ex-boyfriend who wrote a song about her after their break up and boom! the song hit the top of the charts -so rose her fame along with it
2) The titles of every chapter of the book (there are 41) are actually lyrics of songs whose artist and song title are also placed underneath (I made a playlist of it! Check it out at the bottom of my post).

Today, was report card day. I didn't get my card again (I'm so used to it it shocks me when my name is actually called during the card distribution time. Lol.)
Oh well, I doubt my grades went up by a notch so...I'm not exactly looking forward to seeing my card.
I guess that's one of the perks of not being able to pay your tuition fee on time. HAHA.

I still haven't posted about our class' retreat last...November 3 to 6. I shall when my mind and heart's up for it.
For the meantime, enough procrastination for me; time to do school works!


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