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Holla! :)
I did some viewing of the blogs I anonymously follow. I haven't been visting the sites since I can remember...

This week will just be go-to-school-and-have-no-classes-slash-lessons week.
We basically have vigil practices all through out (it's on the 17th).

Tomorrow, we have practice of lauds in the morning, a sort of class gathering in between recess and lunch, aaand ...preparation for the Handog Pasasalamat activity which is on the next day.

Wednesday, Handog Pasasalamat with the Dumagats in Tanay. Can't wait to get back there and hike! :) Memorable experience before: hiking while it was drizzling!

Ooh, today, my friends and I got our pasalubong from another friend who migrated to Canada. She had it "shipped" through a friend who arrived here recently (the one I mentioned in my previous post -I think). The pasalubong are Lip Smackers which basically made us all ecstatic and gaga.
I chose Skittles Lime. Yum!

Awesome finds from La Garconne:

"My heartbeats fade to black."
Waiting In Line - Raygun


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