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You're Birthing Machines


All The King's Men - Wild Beasts

This song is cute:

Watch me! watch me!/the belle of the ball/my heart, my hand and everything I own/and we are the boys/with new shiny shoes/we’ve seen ‘em all/and we’ve chosen you/now no one will find your limit/girls from Roedean/girls from Shipley/girls from Hounslow/girls from Whitby/you’re a candied queen/and let me show my darling what that means/watch me! watch me!/hatch me! hatch me!/a girl before/bouncing round behind the bedroom doors/and we are the boys/who’ll drape you in jewels/cut off your hair/and throw out your shoes/cause baby, you won’t need them, where you’ll be/girls astride me/girls beneath me/girls before me/girls between me/you’re birthing machines/and let me show my darling what that means/hatch me! hatch me!/and baby, turns out I’m evil/in all my dreams, girls who’ll clothe me/girls who’ll feed me/girls who want me/girls who need me/all you pretty things waiting for somebody/number my babies and my broken body

I'm making a new playlist for the meantime and that's just one of the songs included.
(I'm going to look up that band in a while. I think I'll love them. Ha!)

Ooh, the traditional simbang gabis are coming soon. I wonder if I'd be able to go every night. HAHA.

Anyway, I'd have to study for our Economics Mid-Quarter (?) test very soon. Sigh.
This is the last for the year. I should take comfort in that.


"I think that you are lovely."
She's So Lovely - Scouting For Girls


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