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The Cut

I bought this Brit mag, Bliss, from Booksale a while ago while waiting for the cakes I ordered to be "delivered". (I was in RP.)

They were featuring good-looking guys and I came across Matthew Kane (gorgeous!) He's from this Brit series The Cut which I am on the watch for since he said, and I quote, "If you like Skins, you'll love it!", and I'm trusting his words so...I'm here on the internet, looking it up. Sadly, it's not available for watching in our area according to BBC's site (piss-off). So I looked it up in SurfTheChannel where I watch Skins but unfortunately, the series is not available there as well (double piss-off.. -kidd!) which I found frustrating. I can't watch it's "preview", 60-secondish, video as well since I can't find it on youtube either. Must do major research tonight as I wait for the clock to strike midnight (and it will be Christmas, Happy Birthday Jesus!). I shall find a site that will allow me to watch The Cut episodes. Can't wait.

Matthew Kane:

Photoshopped Model Alert

This is indeed alarming ...and funny. It's just so obious it was digitally altered and the models looked so unproportionate I cannot take the article seriously:

The article's link is HERE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bbc iplayer are playing series 2 now so you should be able to watch them on there. :)

12:49 AM, May 06, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u can watch them on the website go to episodes and 1-18 and each episode is in 5 mini episodes but u can still watch it

12:46 AM, July 07, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can watch the fist cast of skins on netflix (which is totally worth the cost) and the show is so wonderful I dont think the American version could make it better or even compare to it.

4:58 AM, March 07, 2011  

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