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I Never Knew How Good It Felt To Be Just Me


Just Me - Music Go Music

Ultimate pick-me-up song for the day! :)
And now matter how ultimate this song is, I cannot find its freakin' lyrics!
Give it a watch and listen carefully to the song lyrics, yeah? The video itself will perk you up!

"Now I'm moving up where I belong,
And I keep pretending I'm not strong,
I'm steppin out into the morning light,
The future never looked so bright,
I'm spreading out my wings, I'll learn to fly,
I'm soarin on my own across the sky.
I never knew how good it felt to be just me, just me."
[If I got the lyrics right.]

It was a very uneventful Christmas and the internal thoughts I'm trying to escape from are slowly consuming me. I'll drown sooner or later but at the moment, I'm still fighting the currents.

I know Christmas is not about the material things, and I'm all for that. I'm glad I've spent it with my family and my grandparents on my mothers side but it's totally a different Christmas season for us because we're not able to go to the province and have a reunion with my relatives on my father's side this time around. I find it quite sad actually. I know that I may not be that personally close with my cousins on that side but just the feeling of being together, merrying with all our Christmas spirits within us, that's just bliss.

And oh, school work's starting to catch up despite the tides of the season.
Must attend to them sooner not later. :)

"Don't make me wait forever."
Untouchable - Luna Halo cover


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