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Glory Days - Just Jack

It's a nice fun song for one of those boring-got-not-much-to-do days. ;)

Merry Christmas ya'll, by the way. Haha! I almost forgot...
I cannot feel Christmas that much this year...hmm.

Well, all I can say is this: you know your Christmas Eve is miserable when you're stuck at home playing Sims 2. (Sims 2 for that matter! Not even Sims 3! Miserable indeed.)
I enjoyed going out in the night with my girl friends though. Just hanging out in the front of our porch. Lol. That's crazy fun. And we discussed what movies we're going to marathon watch this coming new year -a tradition we'll have for 3 years now (taking note of how few the years we spent on actually marathon-movie-watching, you can't exactly call it a tradition just yet).


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