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Cheers 2010!

Before I write a love letter to the year which preceded you, I wish to write one first to my ever trusty online journal, my blog, The Starry-Eyed Scorpio.

Dear Scorpio,

Thank you so much for witnessing the year 2009 with me.
Thank you for witnessing my new fashion, music, and culture discoveries, and allowing me to share them with the rest of the cyber world. You made no complaints whether I flooded you with so much posts in a day, or when I abandoned you when I haven't much to share.
Thank you for being so darn understanding.

Here's my ode to you and 2009:
And a simple gift, a new layout. I hope you like it as it will be your skin for the following 3 months when I will be too busy facing my last many fears as a high school senior student (it makes me darn anxious and jittery!).

Your Author

As for 2009...

You've been one-heck-of-a-ride haven't you? You were full of surprises, both good and bad but, I must say, you passed by too quickly. You gave me too little time to grasp moments and events in my daily life. When I look back at you, I remember countless anxious and restless days...

Why am I looking back at 2009 like this? It's never was happy. :|
Wrong move.
Well, I don't really have a knack for remembering specific happenings. I always remember things in a general sense. Lol. I never delve in to deep, I just...wade in the surface, yeah?
It's easier that way -you don't get too attached.

Geez, I'm becoming overly melancholic here.

But, of course, there were unforgettable happy moments. Simple joys I spent with my loved ones, my classmates and friends, my barkada, and lastly, my family. :) I cannot enumerate every single moment I've spent with them that are no comparison to other things. (So abstract, geez..)

Hmm.., I have another full year ahead of me at least.
I'm looking forward to you 2010. (I'm excited to go into college!)
Please be better.
I love you.

"Here's to the nights we felt alive."
Here's To The Night - Eve 6


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