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When I picture myself in the future, I see the older version of me, clad in an outfit that expresses my style.

I'm manning my very own boutique, which is not found inside the common mall but still, is found in a most accessible place.

The 2-story building of my boutique, which is made-up of glass windows all around, houses labor made out of love, passion, and thoughtfulness: my clothing designs.

It will consist of casual wear mostly, instead of glamorous gowns and haute couture
It will influence and change the style of the Filipino mass, allowing each individual to have and own his or her distinct style.
It will make the citizens of this country more fashion concious, taking note of the truth that fashion is a form of self-expression.

I'm going to be one busy woman, juggling careers.
I will not only be a business woman, I will also be a freelance graphic artist, stylist, and magazine editor or writer.
I will be influential and famous.
I will be helpful and innovative.
I will continue learning and I will continue applying what I've learned.

I'm going to keep on dreaming...

But at present, this is my dream for my future.
And I'm going to make it come true.


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