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Past 2 a.m.

I watched an Irish movie earlier this a.m. -around 1a.m. to be exact- entitled, Kisses.

Magical movie. Magical.

Just like sincere kisses, I guess.
How they feel...

Just like how that first kiss should feel.

I loved the movie because it was innocent, whimsical, honest, and simple.

I also love the symbolism of the colors of the movie.
How it started out in black and white, and then transitioned into a dull-shades-of-colors phase, and finally, into a full color perspective.
It returns to black and white though.
But you just know that somehow, something has changed within the protagonists.
That inside, they're still full of color.

So the story is about two young friends -around of 12 or 13. A boy, and a girl. Their family lives are "bleak", violent for the boy, unhappy for both. So, one day, they runaway after Kylie (the girl) finds a stash of money inside a shoe which is under the double deck bed where she is hiding from either her brother or father.

Dylan (the boy) decides to hit his father back when his father inflicts physical violence upon his mom and him. He hits him with this gameboy gadget he's playing with and actually wounds his father's left temple. His father chases after him immediately. Kylie, meanwhile, "hearing the neighbors", rescues Dylan who locks himself up in the washroom.

They runaway afterwards.
Just for a night

But, it was one hell of a night.
t was a night of both the "nice and the nasty" -to quote a review I read- but it was magnificent nonetheless.

Dylan's kiss on Kylie's cheek in the latter part of the movie was the best.
Their kiss was perfect.
It was innocent and well meant.

And altogether, their relationship was simple.
But you know it runs deep -that words need not explain it; just actions are enough.

Beautiful movie. Sweet and magical -but not overtly sweet.
Just the right amount of feel good movie that leaves a smile lingering across your face even after you've watched it.

P.S.P.P.S. Their Irish accent was extremely difficult to understand without the subtitles. Understanding their conversations was a failure for me but, though I only comprehended like, 1/3 of their conversations, you'd understand the movie enough to learn to love it.


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