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Commuting Is A Battlefield.


If riding the public transportation (a.k.a. COMMUTING) was a sport, I definitely suck at it! :|

Today is the official first day of school for most school-goers. Whether they are in elementary, high school, or college.
To me, that just spells out C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N.
Competition with those who are riding the same Cubao jeepney.

Earlier today, as in around a few minutes past 7 o'clock in the morning, I ventured out in the newly paved streets of my subdivision.
I walked my way out of its gates and lo-and-behold, the arena-slash-battlefield of commuting awaited me.
Contestants -fellow commuters- were everywhere. (They weren't even there last week! But then again, last week wasn't the start of classes for most people.)
I knew I had to be tough.
We all were I guess.
But, in the end, our fate depended on the abundance of Cubao or LRT jeepneys -and they were extremely rare. If luck happens to come your way, you'd be lucky to fit in, at most, 1/4 of your ass on the freakin' leather seat.
Guess what? I got lucky (and I'm referring to the kind of luck I mentioned above).
My butt got to taste the jeepney seat but if we base it on spoonful amounts, I got less than a teaspoon.
The only support I had were my legs which I freakin'ly encouraged in my mind saying, "I have strong legs, I have strong legs, I'LL SURVIIIIVE!"
But dang! The moment I got down from the jeepney, my knees were all wobbly I was scared I'd trip on my own feet! And I was in the middle of the road 'cause the jeepney driver decided it would cause him too much trouble to steer right and drop us off exactly next to the Katipunan Petron station.
(Thanks a lot, man!)

To ride a jeep from there on was easy.

It's the traffic that wasn't. Ha!

Anyway, enough ranting about commuting. Lol.
Today was a good day. I enjoyed my Comm3 class ('cause I got to talk a lot).
My Kas1 class (whose teacher finally arrived!) was...sermon-ful with insights to match. I listened well but I felt like I was being scolded so part of me kind-of didn't like it.
PE2, I thought I was laaate! Good thing I wasn't. Phew! :))
(Gosh! I wonder when we'll start dancing. :|)

P.S. Picture above is the inspiration of the day.



When I picture myself in the future, I see the older version of me, clad in an outfit that expresses my style.

I'm manning my very own boutique, which is not found inside the common mall but still, is found in a most accessible place.

The 2-story building of my boutique, which is made-up of glass windows all around, houses labor made out of love, passion, and thoughtfulness: my clothing designs.

It will consist of casual wear mostly, instead of glamorous gowns and haute couture
It will influence and change the style of the Filipino mass, allowing each individual to have and own his or her distinct style.
It will make the citizens of this country more fashion concious, taking note of the truth that fashion is a form of self-expression.

I'm going to be one busy woman, juggling careers.
I will not only be a business woman, I will also be a freelance graphic artist, stylist, and magazine editor or writer.
I will be influential and famous.
I will be helpful and innovative.
I will continue learning and I will continue applying what I've learned.

I'm going to keep on dreaming...

But at present, this is my dream for my future.
And I'm going to make it come true.

First Day Jitters


Big Group, Mayers, Energy Bars, HuLi, Foreign Friends

HELLO! First day of college life todaaayy!

Sorry? :D But I can't help it guys.
Let's all be realistic. This is the best chance I've got to tell you all my kwentos if I can't do so personally right?
As much as I'd want to see all of you and talk gibberish-nonsense (parehas lang yun) about how my first day went, it's hard to keep in touch that way sooo...FB MESSAGE!

Anyway, where shall I start? I have two days' worth of story. :D

First is the campus tour which I had with Maxine and Fatima last Monday, 9am.

I made it though so, no problem there. :D

Fami and I went to UP together and when we arrived there, the group we were going to have a tour with were playing a game. Adjective that starts with letter of your name, and then, your name. :))

I said Approachable Aien. :))
Pa-friendly effect ako.

Afterwards, we rode the bus. WAW DIBA. MAY BUS SA UP! -Especially for us Freshmen! Hahaha. Kidding. The "tour guides" were hilarious.
We went around the campus with them pointing to the buildings and naming what they were.
It wasn't helpful for me though...or maybe I just wasn't concentrating and listening to it hard enough.

After the tour which only took about an hour, Fami, Maxine and I went to the registration building to pay for our ID photo. IT'S NOT PART OF THE FREAKIN' TUITON FEE. Why??


The line wasn't that long but, it wasn't short either. :p

Moving on...the three of us decided to "tour" the campus by ourselves. Trying to find our respective buildings and all.
WE ALWAYS WALKED. NO MATTER HOW FAR THE BUIDLING WAS. Except for the Math Bldg. which was far but...though we intially planned to walk, we took a jeepney becuase I hailed (sp?) it. HEE. Sinong tamad?
Not me.
But come on! The sweltering heat?

It was funny 'cause the AA people were all together and it wasn't even planned.
Here's how it happened:
After Max, Fami, and I went to the OUR bldg, I met up with Ara to give her back something I borrowed for the summer (Loveless Saturn!). She was with Iya P., Denise O., and Rona Marquez. We met up in Casaa (food court like room/bldg).
So, we were all seated on one table. HEE. And then we spotted Ms. Babeth and some other AA teacher who were both finishing their masters I guess? They have THESIS daw. asdfghjkl. Anyway...moving on.
Suddenly, while we were all together, I spot Jana San Diego, Brittany Francsico, Jessica dela Cruz, and Alyana Raymundo entering Casaa the crazy-friendly people AA students are, we waved our hands in the air. :))
Kidding. So there, they joined us. And we occupied 3 tables there and it was just like our AA caf.
Old times, baby, old times. :))

So ayun. Walk-tour-intiated-by-ourselves ulet.

When Maxine, Fami and I were on our way to Casaa, a freakin' banana leaf (or a tree leaf that looked just like that) FELL ON MY HEAD. IT REALLY HIT MY HEAD.
Wow, thanks a lot Mother Nature, you really love me. Don't worry, I'm noticing you 'cause you're everywhere and it's seriously like a jungle here.
I'm funny.

So, fast forward to first day. HEE.
Sorry, I know that was long already but...PLEASE??? HIHI.

Anyway, first day. I woke up and left on time.
Actually, I was pretty early! :D (Look who's proud).

I met up with Ara and Janine in Petron (9pa class ni Janine pero sumama na siya sa'min). Ara and I have our first class, Comm 3, together, at 8:30am.
We rode the jeep until that building. It's a nice one! :) And went to our room which only had more or less 5 students at the mean time. (The other's haven't arrived yet.)
I was noisy. HEHEHE.
I talked to the whole class sort of. 'Cause the ceiling fans were open but this floor fan wasn't. So I'm like, "buksan ko na ha. HEHEHE." Joke. I dunno. They didn't look at me badly at least's all good I guess. I didn't make friends YET as much as Ara and I were tempted too. HEE.
And then, after a while. A girl with cropped colred hair came in. I NOTICE HER. Then...I guess she noticed me too. So she approached us and I'm like "Ate Patty!" (with a matching wave of my hand). HAHAHAHA.
So, yep. We're all classmates.
30 mins past 8:30, THE PROF ISN'T AROUND YET. And Ate Patty's like "we can leave already." (30-mintue-if-prof-doesn't-arrive-you-can-leave-now-and-do-whatever-you-want rule). And then Ara and I, being the scared shitless Freshmen that we are, didn't go with her. :))
We left soon afterwards though realizing it was pointless to stay.
We went to Palma hall to look for my next class' schedule which was TO BE ANNOUNCED PA LANG.
Upon finding it, we went up and checked the room. I found Monique inside one but, she's having her class so I couldn't wave "Hi!" and be all estatic. Hee.

Afterwards, Ara and I were sweating despite the nearness of the bldgs we went too.
Man, it was hot!
So we went back to our Comm 3 classroom, which was empty already with lights out and everything, and made ourselves feel better and cooler by sitting next to the electric fan I turned on earlier. HAHAHA. Evil Freshmen invasion.

So, next class na. KAS1. THE PROF WASN'T AROUND EITHER. This first day is getting pointless....

I MADE 3 FRIENDS! Clap, clap, clap. :))
Alyana, Sarah, and Cathlyn! :)
We just sat next to each other and declared to the world were freakin' lost freshmen. Joke.
We had lunch together and...I HAVE A STORY! (Like this isn't one)
We bought lunch from Casaa but there were no more table so went to the CAL bldg. and sat on the unoccupied chairs. In less than a minute a young boy approached us. A child. He was carrying a sack with empty bottles and asked for money. We said we'll give him food na lang. Candy. He didn't want it. Then his two siblings came towards us as well, they kept asking for food as well. And, it was just so awkward 'cause the 4 of us had lunch and everything and they didn't and it was just...
I gave them my whole meal. Just so they'd stop and for them to have something to eat.
But later on, huming pa rin sila AND THEY DIDN'T EAT THE VEGGIES. :(
I asked the girl to throw the plate and utensils in the trash can 'cause she just left it there. She obeyed me.

So I ate my tuna sandwhich for lunch.

My last class was PE -street dance.
2 lates - 1 absence
2 abesences - I can't remember but it's definitely not nice!

At the end of the day, I hung out with AA people again. And, we skipped the dance concert because there were just a little too many freshmen to fit in their theater.

I got home safe enough to type this.
The heat, the endelss walks, no breeze! :(


Can't wait for tomorrow!
I'd be having my major class, Geology, and Math 11.

See you all soon, I hope?

Love and gratitude (cheesy!),

So Long Sweet Summer


My days are numbered.

In less than 24 hours, I will board a bus bound to tour me around the campus of my new school.
In less than 48 hours, a fresh school year officially starts for me, and a few others.

Soon, the countless hours I spend on the computer, using the internet, watching tv, and listening to the radio (yes, I have nothing more special to do than these) will be replaced by countless hours of commuting, walking, burning my butt-off sitting on a chair inside the respective classrooms of the different classes I'd be having, studying, studying, studying, and finally, getting my social life back in action because, I am once again in touch with the outside world. Ha!

I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
It would be too new, don't you think?
Everything would be too new except for a few familiar faces.


"No one writes real letters anymore."
Firetruck Doki Doki - The All New Adventures of Us

Seth Cohen To Eyeliner Wearing Dark Band Vocalist


I just watched Jennifer’s Body with my brothers, in the wee hours of the morning.

Incredible OST. :)

I must say, I found it a bit off to find Adam Brody, the boy played Seth Cohen, playing some eyeliner-wearing vocalist of a dark band. HAHAHA.

He must have grown out of his love for indie bands and decided to be in one instead. Ha!


I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids

Little Lover’s So Polite - Silversun Pickups

Urgent - Foreigner

Sacred Heart (sacre coeur) - It Dies Today

Through The Trees - Ryan Levine

One More Night - Ryan Levine

Celestial Crown - The Sword

New In Town - Little Boots

Teenagers - Hayley Williams

Time - Cute Is What We Aim For

The Celebrated Chopstick Waltz

I Can See Clearly Now - Screeching Weasel

Finishing School - Dashboard Confessional

867-5309/Jenny - James Keller

Kiss With A Fist - Florence and the Machine

New Perspective - Panic At The Disco

Death - White Lies

Violet - Hole

In The Flesh - Ryan Levine

Ready For The Floor - Lissy Trullie

Chew Me Up And Spit Me Out - Cobra Starship

Toxic Valentine - All Time Low

I like Chip's character. :)