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Fashion Week Volunteer


Hi guys, I'm just letting you know I'm volunteering for Philippine Fashion Week this season. :)
I've been seeing people I am inspired by, in the flesh!

I will tell you about my adventures or misadventures (hopefully, there aren't any!) when the week is over. :)

I turned legal two days ago.

Reviving What's Been Dead


Dear blog,

It's about time I start writing again especially when I'm getting Creative Writing as one of my subjects next semester. Also, I shall be active in reading books again.

I finished The Lovely Bones last night. I know it's a little bit late reading at this time of the year especially after having a movie of it featured on the big screen and all but, I figure I shall still read its true form, it's paper back copy, printed flesh, before watching the movie (it's now loading as I'm typing these). As most will agree, the book tends to be almost always better than its movie version.

Some reflections I made during reading:
In reading The Lovely Bones, a tale of death, longing, and moving on, I couldn't help but appreciate and love the spark of hope Lindsey and Samuel's relationship offers. I admire how it does not have the mainstream kind of push in the but instead, it lingered in the background, surfacing when the least spark of hope, happiness, and love is needed in the saddest, most emotionally draining moments. (I think Samuel's a character to fall in love with. -and he and Lindsey just mesh beautifully together ♥)

When you think about it, you'd assume that the story would revolve around solving the crime and finding justice for Susie's death. However, the story is truly centered on witnessing how the Salmon family -including Susie- copes with their loss. And eventually, as a reader who empathizes, you learn that with them, slowly, gradually, you move on from the death as well and the wound torn open in your heart is gradually closing up into a scar balled with reminiscent memories.

I grow emotional over books, that's why I'm inclined to avoiding it. It's a temptation extremely difficult to resist though.

I feel like deleting my archive and starting fresh however, ...those are memories which may or may not be dear to me but surely, they help me keep track of things that have been happening -those I take note of in particular, of course.

Hi blog. Hopefully, you'd get more doses of me in the future.

With love and sincerity,
Your writer