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Beautiful Dirty Rich - Lady Gaga

I want more of these (funky bracelets)!
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Such a scandalous post title! HAHA. Kidding. :)

First complete week for the school year. ;)
Last Monday we had our second (so far) general assembly. I don't think I listened much. I forgot what our school principal's "assignment" is. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, our school principal always gives us a "practice for the week". It is something we should live out for the entire week -as much as possible. It helps you deepen and strengthen your faith and character so I guess there's no harm there. :)

For the "T-days" of the week (that's Tuesday and Thursday, yeah?), we had our Admissions Talks (I think I mentioned that in my previous posts so to generalize it...) where various schools are invite to our school to give us a briefing about their curriculum, courses, facilities, miscellaneous, etc. It was very helpful and extremely encouraging that my classmates and I are motivated to apply to all! (Ooh, how many application form fees would that equal to? I wonder how much. HAHA.)

The day in between those two, Wednesday, we had our first ever school mass for the school year. Our batch received the gift of the Holy Spirit, counsel, which I think is just appropriate for a graduating batch. We had the traditional long recess afterwards. It is the first school mass, and the mass of the Holy Spirit at that, after all. We had classes for the rest of the day.

Friday, club tiiime! Ooh, it was so...confusing. I had no idea how to handle my club "applicants" (for the mean time) at all! I facilitated the meeting with the other core members of the club. We got through it luckily. We'll post the members on Monday. ;) We'll try coordinating with a new club: Photography! I also had a taks ready for my kapatiran sister which I found out later shall not be started yet. She had done it though -alone I think which is a plus- she didn't finish, I think.
We had our CAT in after classes. It was...not that much exciting (at least, hopefully, not yet) but I got through it. It was okay. A little tiring? Not really. Not yet. HAHA. We'll be having CAT every Friday from now on except when circumstances call for it to be cancelled. :p

I'm listening to the reggae version of First Cut -it's by Norman Fraser- and the rest of the OST from Skins' 9th and 10th episodes.

"I said ooh girl, shock me like an electric eel."
Electric Feel - MGMT


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Love the title!
Sounds like a trance album or something :))

4:47 PM, June 29, 2009  

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