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I've Just Seen A Face - Across The Universe Soundtrack

I just watched Across The Universe a while ago on HBO.
I've been meaning to watch it for quite some time now but I had some trouble looking it up in the internet. Luckily, HBO decided to show the movie! :) I personally think though that they've cut some scenes. That is unfortunate.
I love, love, love, the sountrack (see playlist above)!
All songs are The Beatles'.

My agenda for yesterday was two things in general:
Review Class Refresher
Dance Avenue Studios Recital (Go Shiva!)

I found the refresher test easier than the mock tests we took before but I believe I got a lower score in this one. I didn't review for it. :D I intended to but...I just never got to do so. HAHA.

The dance recital was superb! Almost all the dance groups were great. It was my first time to watch a recital and it was worth it. Shiva, you guys were hot and awesome! But I know that's an understatement.

"Don't carry the world upon your shoulders."
Hey Jude - Across The Universe Soundtrack


Anonymous BUDDY said...

BBBUDY! :> guess who.
I've been reading you blog lately. :)) ooh:"> HAHA.
K. see you tomorrow:]

10:36 PM, June 14, 2009  
Blogger the Scorpio said...

WAHA. Angie, you stalker! >:)
I saw you na.

Continue stalking me okay? :>

8:26 PM, June 15, 2009  
Anonymous babes said...

i'm a fan of you aien. HEEHEE.
i enjoy reading your entries:>

9:23 PM, June 15, 2009  
Blogger the Scorpio said...

Angie....ikaw din ba si babes?

8:41 PM, June 16, 2009  

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