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It wasn't exactly a happy ending but, it was just. And that is enough for me.
I was almost at my wits' end thinking that injustice would be done to the man who was once a convict but has resorted to making up for it for the rest of the lifetime left to him. I feared that he would only be remembered for the desperate measures he has taken during his life's desperate times, and not for the times he has willingly helped the poor and provided them with more than how much he provides himself with.
Forgetting THAT is injustice.
I'm just so happy that it ended on a just note (though tragically -not entirely for him but entirely for me- for the lead, for he died, but at least very much happily for the rest).
I didn't think I would love this book. I didn't think of it as something I would like. I just saw it as something I had to read since it is compulsory anyway but, I don't know. I think I have a "thing" for late-century books like Little Women before, and now, Les Miserables.
At a certain point though I found it impossibly idealistically romantic! I was aghast by it all and it gave me shivers that earlier, before I finished the book, while I was reading the part where and when Cosette and Marius has seen each other again and declared themselves, I wrote this:

It frustrates me, really. No, it aghasts me. It undoubtingly shocks me.
What does?
The impossibilty of falling in love under certain circumstances or, in this case, the impossible possibility of falling in love under circumstances. I don't know how to phrase it right, dang!
When is it that fall in love with a person after just a glance? After just a meeting of your eyes?
When is it that you fall in love, with just the glance of your eyes, declare yourselves soon, have your first kiss and then just afterwards decide to ask the other's name? That is just- I cannot find the words for it! To ask the other's name only after you have fallen in love, declared your feelings for each other, and kissed! It aghasts me, I tell you.
Oh, the impossibility!

I got over that "fit" soon afterwards, however, and learned to love the Cosette-Marius love team though I still feel sorry for Eponine. Tragically, she died saving the man she loved, Marius, -like a complete matryr of love, fo love. I am glad that I have come to know her. I would to the same: die for a loved one. BUT, I will not take them from the person they love just so I could take them for myself alone. That is too selfish.


Les Miserablesis lovely and I am glad that with the upcoming school year (which starts tomorrow, mind you), I will be asked to read it again. :)

Now, I must fall into summarizing the latter part of the story for the benefit of my SRP (summer reading program).


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