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It's Coming Too Soon


School is.

It's the 5th of June today. Just 3 more days to bum around the house and I'm back in action! Lol.
I'm just kidding.

I've been reading Les Miserables these past 2 days for my school's annual summer reading program. I haven't fallen into liking it yet. Maybe it's because I feel too obliged to read it. :|

The weather's been weird, lately. Well, not really. [Okay, that was so messed up.] Well, it's June which is a rainy month so what else have I been expecting the clouds to bring? Nothing else but rain drops.

Mind you, I've nothing against rain. In fact, I love the rain. It just worries me though when it pours so hard. I mean, what about the homeless people? Actually, I found myself -one rainy afternoon- thinking "Oh Lord, thank you, that I have a house to shelter me from the pouring rain." And I felt sorry for those who has none. [Am I becoming to careless here? I don't intend to.] It's just sad, really. No matter how much I love the rain (though wet soil won't ever smell pleasant to my nose0, I will never ask for it on purpose. That is just too selfish.

It's windy today though, and sunny. Extremely windy though from time to time but, I'm not complaining.

Ooh, I'm pretty for school. No kidding.
Can't wait!


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