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It is still hard for me to accept that not all stories end in a fairytale like fashion -with happy endings.

The Other Boleyn Girl was beautiful -just as I expected. It was magnificent!
I've been wanting to watch it so badly and am glad to have done so now. I actually can see myself in Mary Boleyn. We have the same personality to a great degree I believe.
I think Jim Sturgess was amazing. Though he didn't really play an extremely major role, how he acted was sufficient to make you remember him. I found him really good. [I've been dying to watch Across The Universe for ages. He sings there. ;) -It's a musical.] Of course, Natalie Portman was great too. And Scarlett, and Eric Bana...
I am glad as well that it was based on real events, on history. I remember discussing the issue for a while in one of our History classes last school year. :p

I loved the relationship Mary Boleyn and the Henry King had/have/whatever.

Oh geez. It is such a shame that we don't have MTV on our cable! Really, it's frustrating. It was the MTV Movie Awards last night! And I missed it. :| They're going to show the New Moon trailer there. ;) [Which I immediately found in]


Kirsten Stewart looked a-ma-zing in her outfit: a gorgeous red and black mini dress with red as the dominant color, and hi-cut chuck taylors. She pulled it off and rocked the outift!
View this:

She looks absolutely gorgeous!



Blogger ayna said...

Jim Sturgees! Which reminds me. You must watch 21. Awesome movie with major DBs.

9:02 PM, June 02, 2009  
Blogger the Scorpio said...

I've watched it! :) He's good. :>
I have to watch it again though, I think. -For me to really understand it. I don't get the poker thing that much. Lol. :p

I'm going to see you soon! Yay! <:-p

1:20 PM, June 05, 2009  

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