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I realize I haven't written a post about school's first week so here I am, typing away. ;)
[Oh wait, I know realize I did write one last June 8 -school's first day] be honest, by first day of school, I already found myself almost giving up. Really, it was lonely ...and ironic. To think that I have promised myself and my God that I will embrace every opportunity to serve, I have almost utterly failed. I was frustrated at myself for so easily giving in to stress! :o
...But let's not recall that day.

I'm better now. I'm "gladly" serving and contributing what I can.
It's fun to help, you know?

I went to school yesterday for a shoot which I came very late to. 2 of my classmates and I started working on the mass backdrop afterward. We finished a window which was a progress and we'll be working on the rest on Monday.


Today, my sister and I "traveled" quite far. We went to EDSA (or farther than that, I'm not exactly sure) via public transportation. We went down at the Philippine Heart Center, walked up to Matalino Street, turned right and proceeded to McDonalds where we found our YFC friends munching what's left of their 9 boxes of large fries and n number of catsup packs. Seriously, that was all they were eating. Nothing but fries.
Oh, and we had chocolate from Singapore later on. We had the plastic bag (which contained the chocolates) passed around and each person should get a piece only. Afterwards, the plastic bag is passed around once again. And again. And again. You get the point. Lol.

After hanging out at McDonalds, we walked around. For the most part of it, I remeber us walking around and around. Visiting houses of other YFC member who didn't go to the meeting (which is our last hurrah for the summer). It was fun. We pranked people. It was mean. But still fun anyway.
We were around 16 or more I think and we were roaming the streets, guffawing and all.
I enjoyed myself as well as others' company. Luckily, I was able to make my sister come. I was all willing to go alone but tagged along anyway and that made me happier. I really wanted to come. She felt lazy. So I took a bath and since she was awake already, she had no choice but to move her a** and take a bath as well. We arrived an hour after the set time but it didn't make much difference. :p

After the YFC meeting, we went to Shangrila to, supposedly, watch a French movie since it was the French Film Fest. We didn't know the details so we ended up not watching. Instead, we went to National Bookstore to buy our school supplies! I spent an excruciatingly long time picking which notebooks to use and whether to buy a clearbook or a filecase. I ended up buying a Records notebook -which I intend to vandalize with magazine cutouts- and a file case. I bought some other stuff too.

This isn't much of a "sensible" post. I just pretty much told you what I did: happy things that doens't really benefit you at all. Haha.

I don't think I'm making sense.
I shall go.
Ta-ta! ;)

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