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It's subject orientation day for both students and teachers today and already, the teachers are giving us a loadlful of homeworlks. (Seriously?)

I've done two so far and I'm pretty pleased with myself since I've taken about 2/3 weight off my back. I'm down to doing my Filipino homework which...procrastinatingly (there is no such word), I intend to do tomorrow. Don't mimic me. That will only make things worse for you. And, I don't wish to influence anybody.

I was pulled out of class in the afternoon to help prepare for the upcoming school mass this Wednesday (our first one for the school year).

We had our annual medical check-up. I haven't grown even a centimeter! (That's frustrating. HAHA. But I wasn't expecting anything.)
Geez, I need glasses! (Poor eyes! *sobs*)

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