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Save Me, Save Me From Myself


Help Me - Alkaline Trio

The lack of something makes you feel lonesome, inadequate, ...not good enough.
It makes it hard for you to feel like you belong.
It makes it hard for everybody, especially those who are suffering with you.
But it doesn't help ease the burden even if someone else is carrying the same load as yours -even if most probably, theirs is heavier.
Somehow, your selfishness makes it difficult for you to understand and adjust.
You, could only be hopeful.
...and faithful.

I love the Lord,
He is filled with compassion
He turned to me on the day that I called,
from the snares of the dark,
Oh Lord, save my life,
be my strength.

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"I got to turn this thing around."
Shattered - O.A.R.


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