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MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday

Daydreaming is my best hobby.
I remember days but mostly nights that I can't and would not go to sleep without conjuring my own fairytale inside my head -even if my eyelids are on the brink of collapsing already.

I miss writing. I miss being imaginative.
I miss days when I got so creative that I marveled at my capability and potential to produce something beautiful.
There's this unexplainable feeling that conjures itself when you create something beautiful.

I bet you agree with me.

For almost half the day, I worked on my computer class project.
An online portfolio of "yourself".
As I understood it, you could put anything you want that interests you.
So I put my interests: fashion, music, and writing.
I looked and scanned through my previous literary works to find parts which I could include in my site; and as I browsed through my writing, I missed the days when I would think of the continuation of the story I started writing, I would think of where I would pick up from what I left.

I have lost my creativity and imagination to self-doubt, fear, and laziness.

Things should change.
Things, should change.

A preview (click away):

P.S. I'm planning to change my layout soon. I'm inspired.
I hope my inspiration will last!

"And we lay, we lay together just not
too close, too close... (How close is close enough?)"
MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday


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