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Just For Tonight - One Night Only

Today is another half-day of school -shortened periods, 30 minutes per subject- which is just bliss.
(Oh happiness!)

They seem to give more homeworks but I don't mind because I have more time to do them and still include some rest periods in between (like now!).

I'm planning to change my blog layout. It's not pleasing to me anymore.
Hm...I shall really download or install Dreamweaver in this laptop already -that is, if my sister would allow me. Lol.

I'd need it anyway for my Computer class.


I'm counting down the days (not literally!) until our final exams. The word final couldn't be more true. It would indeed be my final exams for my entire high school life.

Sigh (again).

Anyway, I'm not that "inspired" for the past days -who knows, maybe it's been months. My writing's crappy, I haven't delved much into my interests (the newsletters in my e-mail are neglected!) because I attend to school-related stuff first. Ha!

Shall I tumblr?


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