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Hullo! :)
We had our talk on Human Sexuality and College Life for the whole day today.
It was both an entertaining and learning experience.

Our school invited some people to speak for the earlier part of the talk (human sexuality) and then in the latter part of the talk which is about college life, a number of alumni from our school shared their experiences from the universities they now study in (UP, Ateneo, DSLU, and UST in particular).

It was really enlightening and it motivated me further to look forward to college -with all the ups and downs it's accompanied with.

I can't believe the fact that in last than 2 months, I will be leaving my school campus. Farewell, Assumption, hello UP! Haha. I think I'm more or less 99% decided on which school to go to... I'm glad of that.

My English and Filipino written expressions are very timely. Both have the same topic which, if summed up in simple terms, is about being grateful to your school and what you intend to do with the education you gained once you're out of its boundaries. *sigh* It makes me somehow melancholic...

Perfect mood to write my essays! Lol.


My goodbye song to you:

Daylight by Matt and Kim


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