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Daylight - Matt & Kim

A Facebook message to a friend:

Cause I Just Gotta Give You Messages Even If They Aren't In Post-Its. ;)


I forgot to share this with you earlier.
I love Matt and Kim, a duo band -did I say that correctly?

I found out about them in -they're cd was sort of featured and I just immediately fell in love with their upbeat songs which are full of energy!
Matt and Kim are an energetic bunch! (Though it's actually just the two of them). Honestly, just watching their videos is enough to put me on a high. Lol.

Matt's movements are just divine! I mean, he's so full of energy (I know I've been using that word but I think it's the most appropriate!)
And Kim's smile is just super(superb!) and beautiful.
Can't help but smile too. ;)
And I still need to look it up but I think they're a couple.

Check them out! :)

P.S. I crush, adore, and love Matt! :"> I srsly do. Watch their videos, listen to their music, I'll think you'll agree.

P.P.S. I did my research, it's confirmed! They're a couple! :x


SUPER P.P.P.P.S. The video attached, is crazy! Watch it. aaaand, visit my most recent blogpost. It's about them. It has the other things I want to show you but unfortunately can't do so here in facebook! Limited. Lol. Oorr, I can post in it my comments. ;))

I actually posted their "Daylight" video recently. Maybe, 5 days ago? I'm not sure..
Here're some photos of them (I don't own any of these):

Anyway, our days as Seniors in my school are narrowing at quite a fast rate. Next week, Friday, we'll be having our first set of quarterly tests already -and we just started the fourth quarter! Phew. Time does fly!

"Here comes the night time."
Daylight - Matt and Kim


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