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Tumblr Is Just Not My Hub


Blogger is more of my hub than any other "portfolio"-ish website out there. Lol.
When I've enough money, I'd buy my own domain. SERIOUSLY.
I want my own site as in like...
IT ENDS WITH (.com), YEAH? No unnecessary words that I don't want there. Just simply, the url I want for my site, plus the one-syllable domain, yeah?

I decided to open the scary bulk of e-mails I haven't opened yet. Most of them are newsletters from websites I subscribed to.
Here're some finds:

Alyssa Norton Neon Speckled Bracelet

Peter Jensen show, from Stylesightings


A.P.C. Bag with Chain Handle
(I just cannot resist chain bags/shoulder bags -with long straps.)

MARC by MARC JACOBS Totally Turnlock Sasha Messenger Bag
(I told you so.)

Inspirational! Click the picture for the page link.

Topshop's Unique SS10 Collection.
Perfection. It's sooo me! Lol. (I sound like a perky teenager.)
I love every piece in this collection.
Click the pictures for the link:

Or better yet, view the show! CLICK.


Blogger Aivan Magno said...

The doll is freakishly inspiring! Hahaha BTW, I answered your question on my blog! Good luck bleaching! Buy the big one better yet, the biggest bottle of Zonrox so you won't ran out of bleach!

5:37 PM, February 25, 2010  

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