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Ola! :)

I haven't really got the chance to post what I ought to yesterday. Lol.
So, aside from the inspirational pictures, there are still some other stuff I wanted to share. *winks*

March 7, 2010 made it official.
We're done with our academics.
Oh geez, you cannot imagine how much load was taken off my shoulder just by saying that!

I'm still stressing over some other stuff though. HAHA.
Like our clearance and Yearbook stuff but, I shall do these responsibilities joyfully, yeah?

Anyway, we had a culminating activity yesterday (that was what I wanted to tell you about) which was very much enjoyable despite the excessive heat that is burning all things within our country. Lol.

I cannot believe it. HAHAHA.
I've got 138 looks in Looklet already? IM POSSIBLE!

I shall share some with you, yeah?
These will be my farewell for the meantime. ;)


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