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You Can't Capture Beauty In A Picture


...sometimes, you just have to see it for yourself.

So..., I feel pretty tonight (and I'm not sarcastic!). Teehee!
Forgive me. This seldom happens so, give me this chance.

Tonight, another d├ębutante shined and was celebrated.

I attended a debut tonight, all made-up, wearing a (thrifted) white layered chiffon tube dress and the pair of heels I once wore to my prom.

...and I'm kinda frustrated that I can't take a picture of me (and perhaps upload it on my Lookbook account!) because our camera ran out of batteries (it's AA-batt powered).

I'm not to coherent to talk to anymore.
Time to unmask myself.
The clock has struck 2 hours past midnight.
I must go to bed.



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