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The Plaid Idea


(And I'm not referring to our school newspaper)

I'm saying goodbye to the plaid skirt, made up of blue, yellow, green, and red lines.
The plaid skirt that I all to familiar with for I have been wearing for almost 13 years in my 17 years of existence.
Today is the last day that I'm going to wear it.
...but perhaps, if the occasion would call for it, I'd have to wear it again. Perhaps during a reunion, perhaps as a costume to some certain event that asks you to wear your gradeschool or highschool uniform.
I'm saying goodbye to it.
It's time to lay it aside and just look at it wistfully, reminiscently.
It will hold too much memories of me.
Too much.
And I'm glad I have it to remind me of the past, the present, and what will be in the future.

I will be graduating in less than 24 hours, by 6-7pm of tomorrow.
I will be "unleashed" tomorrow, after years of waiting but also, after years of transformation and, transfiguration.

"I guess sometimes we both loose our minds."
The Poison - The All-American Rejects


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